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Computer Science 2018

Computer Science 2018

Conference Series hosting the European Conference on Computer Science and Engineering (Computer Science-2018)  to be held on September 17-18,2018 in Oslo, Norway.  Computer Science 2018 Conference, provides a great platform for the people who are enthusiastic at sharing their innovative ideas related to technology and  provide  an excellent international forum for sharing knowledge and their results in theories, technical thesis as a part of their research and elaborate their excellence with various  dignitaries, multinational companies  and gain the precious suggestions from real time industries, methodology and Applications of Computing.

The main objective of this Computer Science Meeting is to unite specialists and professionals from the scholarly community and industry to concentrate on Computer Science and Computer Engineering headways and setting up new coordinated efforts in their specified stream of research. Unique research papers, cutting edge audits are welcomed for production in every aspect of  Computer Science and Computer Engineering.

The Computer Science 2018 Conference Oslo  is comprised of Keynote Speeches, Plenary Sessions, Oral Presentations, Poster Presentations, International Workshops, International Symposiums, B2B Meetings, Panel Discussions, Q&A sessions, Industry expert interactions, Round table meetings, Best Poster awards, Best Oral presentation awards, Young Researcher Forums (YRF), e-Poster Presentations, Video presentations by the experts from both Industry & Academic. 

Authors or experts are requested to attend this Computer Science Meeting by submitting abstracts that represent their inventories looking over works and modern formulations, the advanced ideologies  in their stream of Computer Science and Engineering.

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Computer Scientists and researchers in the broad areas of Computer Science & Engineering, information technologies, are most likely to attend and utilize the scope of extending their skills,  work on basic and significant applications and doing their masters and research work in programming building streams are most likely to attend this conference. Participants from both the Industry and Academia working in all the domains of Computer Science and Engineering, technology, but not limited to various sectors of computer science applications such as:

Why to Attend Computer Science Conference 2018

As a technically sound person, in the event you need to request the most noteworthy compensation, and work for the best organizations with the best advantages, you need to remain current. Innovation changes in a moment. Your capacity to develop and adjust with new innovation will manage that you are so prone to be advanced, or even contracted from a thick heap of resumes in the competitive world.   

With individuals from around the globe concentrated on working with computer sciences, databases, Computer applications, Human computer interaction, Technology transfer in computer science, Wireless networks and mobile computing, Artificial intelligence, Parllel and distributed systems, Data structures and calculations, this is your single best chance to achieve the biggest collection of members from the factual group. Lead exhibitions, communicable information with potential clients, and get a great experience of acknowledgment at this 2-days occasion. Widely acclaimed speakers, the latest procedures, strategies, and the most up to date refreshes in software engineering and designing fields are signs of this gathering.

Meet the Computer Science experts and Technocrats from 25+ countries around the globe

  • Evaluate your current research and share your ideas with technical experts
  • World-class platform to Exhibit your products,  services, innovations and Ideas
  • Special Workshop/ Symposium, B2B and interactive sessions, CME Meetings, with industry Sponsors and Exhibitors
  • More than 30 presentations from both Industry and Academic
  • One to one interaction with eminent Computer scientists
  • Well organizing program with 5+ hours of networking sessions
  • Interactive panel discussions and Q&A sessions
  • Lively Exhibition area filled with the leading industry solution providers

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Track 1: Computer Graphics and Multimedia

 Graphics and multimedia are the combination of visual images, Animated frameworks, designs on the various interfaces. It is a pictorial representation of data, as in computer-aided design includes the graphic arts, in educational and recreational software. Multimedia includes computerized electronic devices, electronic media.

Computer   Science and Engineering | Norway  Meetings  |  Oslo Conferences  | Europe Conferences |EEE & Engineering Conferences | Conference Series |

Track 2: Computer Networks and Communication Systems:

Information corresponds to the transmission of this advanced information between at least two systems which involves multiple networks broadcast communications that enables system configurations, information. The physical association between organized processing gadgets is built up utilizing either link media or remote media

Track 3: Big Data and Data Sciences:

Big data is the ultimate concept of the information assets that demand major role for enhanced insights and decision making. Data science is a major tool involved to tackle Big Data. Data science is a phrase in which many scientific methods like mathematics, statistics, and many other tools scientists apply to data sets. Scientist applies the tools to extract knowledge from data.

Track 4: Web Services and Computing Essentials:

 A web service is an electronic device which is connected to another electronic device, communicating with each other through-out the World Wide Web (www). In a web service, the Web technology such as HTTP—originally developed for human-to-machine Interaction which is utilized for machine-to-machine communication, It is a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network., Computer Essential are related to web services, a suite of Microsoft applications that includes e-mail, instant messaging, photo sharing, blogging, and parental control software. Essentials programs are designed to integrate well with each other.

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Track 5: Software Engineering and Programming:

Software engineering is the study of engineering to the development of software in a methodical system. The systematic application of scientific and technological knowledge, methods, and experience to the design, implementation, testing, and documentation of software.The Department of Labor Statistics The application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, and maintenance of software an engineering discipline that is concerned with all aspects of software production.

Track 6 : System Applications in Realtime Using IoT:

Internet of things is the system of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and system connectivity which enable these objects to connect and exchange data, When IoT is augmented with sensors and actuators, the technology becomes an instance of the more general class of cyber-physical systems, which also encompasses technologies such as smart grids, virtual power plants, smart homes, intelligent transportation and smart cities.

Track 7 : Cloud Robotics:

Cloud Robotics is a rising field in cloud storage, and alternative web technologies targeted around the advantages of converged infrastructure and shared services. It permits robots to profit from the powerful procedure, storage, and communications resources of contemporary knowledge  and reduces dependence on custom middleware.

Track 8 : Digital Rights Management

Digital rights management administration innovations attempt to control the utilization, change, and appropriation of copyrighted works programming, interactive media and, and in addition frameworks inside gadgets. The utilization of advanced rights administration isn't all around and it can enable the copyright holder to keep up creative control confirm that DRM anticipates copyright management for data records, software.


Track 9: Hardware and Software Design :

 Software designing is a specification of system tasks to reach the target by performing conceptualizing, framing, implementing, commissioning, and ultimately modifying complex systems by designing the algorithms. Hardware concepts refer to the combination of software and hardware components usable computing system.

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Track 10 : Distributed and Parllel Processing:

Distributed computing is a study of Computer science. A distributed system is a structure in which components located on networked computers communicate and organize their actions by transient messages. Distributed systems vary from SOA-based systems to massively multiplayer online games to peer-to-peer applications. A computer program that runs in a distributed system is called a distributed program, and parallel processing.

Track 11: Advance Software Engineering:                                              

Rising  Advancements  in  software  are  those  specialized  advancements  which  lead to  dynamic  improvements  inside  a field  for  rapid development of technologies. These advancements are extended to various fields such as IT and communications, Robotics, Electronics, Entertainment, and Aviation and so on.

Track 12 : Technology Trends in Computer Science &  Engineering:

Technology has extended its glide through many aspects of computing technologies and advancements, formulations in the various perspectives of the trending applications i.e. Mobile ApplicationsCloud research,  knowledge management systems and focused on high performance.

Track 13 : Informatics :

Informatics mainly focuses on innovative  applications  of the various fields in the technologies and provides best strategies for data processing. Computer animations, neural networks, Software agent technologies, virtual reality, visual and multimedia computing and so on are some of the terms of Informatics.

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Track 14: Intelligent Systems:

Intelligent systems can be abbreviated as the internet based Communication Systems which can assemble, analyses the given input and communicate with the other systems. The secure connectivity of the systems is the added scope of implementation and adopts the data for remote monitoring and management. 

Track 15: Cyber Security and Data Analytics:

Cyber security is the research which provides the security for the systems and avoids the damage or malicious, suspectible aspects either regarding the software, Network and provide assurance of reliability to the users. Data analytics includes the basics of approaches to analyzing the data and various analytics related to the business intelligence and initiating factors for the increase of performance and maintenance in real-time.

Track 16: Machine Vision:

Machine Vision is the technology of providing the automatic inspection, process control and expertise guidance based on the related methodologies like systems, machine using the ultimate strategies of performance, accurate management of the information and various methods of automations in the real world.

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Track 17: Network Communications:

Network Communications refers to the arranging of the execution of a network framework through different methods of diverting the data. System configuration is performed by organize planners, engineers, IT executives. System configuration is an iterative procedure, enveloping topological plan, arrange union, and system acknowledgment, and is done for guaranteeing that another media communications system addresses the issues of the supporters and administrator.

Track 18: Agile Software Development – Apps and app store analysis:

The Values and principles to be followed during the Agile Software Development are achieved through the scheduled development methods which results in the rapid enhancement of the growth strategies in the various application streams which leads to overall growth of Business, services at industry level.

Track 19: Advanced Database Management Systems:

Database Management Systems are typical organization of the queries, Tables, Schemas for capturing and analyzing the huge amounts of data that supports the processes which require information like multinational companies, banking, airlines, universities etc.

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 Evolutionary Computing is a study of algorithms for global positivity inspired by biological evolution, and the subfield of Artificial Intelligence and soft computing studying these algorithms. It is an initial set of candidate solutions is generated and iteratively updated. Every new generation is produced by stochastically decreasing less desired solutions, and introducing small random changes. In biological terminology, a inhabitants of solutions is related to natural selection and mutation.


Innovation can helps in development of various issues, however it can enhance Technological inventories, In general people look for approaches to do things instantly in a stipulated time Computer researchers help grab these issues in the real world.

You should simply take a glance at the things which decidedly affect our daily experience that didn't existing the previous years that is the Trending Technologies improvements. "The majority of those are empowered by programming, which requires Computer Scientists to make, keep up and keep on improving."

It's difficult to imagine correspondence without the numerous extravagances that computer researchers have given us. We can send messages from our telephones, video gathering with companions or family abroad and associate with technical researchers, Engineers.

Without the coding-specialists and business visionaries behind these correspondence stages, we would have returned to landline telephone calls and snail-mail correspondence. Long range interpersonal communication has helped individuals interface with each other, as well as fills in as a stage for people or gatherings to rally others for a decent aim.

Scope of Computer Science

Applicants from top Computer science Universities and schools get offers from various organizations. A man having B.Tech in software engineering and building or data advancements can begin his vocation as IT design. Vocation in IT businesses is viewed as a standout amongst the most lucrative works and is loaded with circumstances especially when India's ability in data innovation industry is perceived over the globe Computer Engineers have a lot of choices to work in IT organizations in divisions, for example, outline, advancement, gathering, production, support and so on.

Designation in company: Software Developers, Hardware Engineers, System Designer, System Analyst, Networking Engineers, DBA, Software Testing , Security analyst etc.

Market Volume of Computer Science:

The worldwide enormous information advertise measure was esteemed at USD 25.67 billion out of 2015 and is required to witness a noteworthy development over the estimate time frame. The raising number of virtual online workplaces combined with expanding prominence of Web-based Social Networking delivering huge measure of information is a central point driving development. Expanded web infiltration inferable from the few favorable circumstances including boundless correspondence, inexhaustible data and assets, simple sharing, and online administrations produces gigantic pieces of information in regular day to day existence, which is additionally expected to push request over the coming years.

Why Oslo, Norway ?

Oslo is a cutting edge and different city, and each of its places convey something unique to the voyagers. Every one of them can be come to by walking, by open transportation or with a bike. Oslo is an extraordinary city for cycling, with humble separations between significant center points and attractions. The capital of Norway offers a lot of shopping attractions for customer comfort, including the most recent global patterns to current Norwegian plans and nearby crafted works. A portion of the well known shopping territories in Oslo are the downtown area of Karl Johans door, Bogstadveien and Hegdehaugsveien in Majorstuen, Frogner with Bygdøy Allé, and Grünerløkka.

Major Universities Of Oslo

Four universities in Norway feature according to QS World University Rankings 2018, all large public universities. These are the University of Oslo ranked  142nd  position in the world, University of Bergen  achieves joint 164th  position, Norwegian University of Science and Technology  259th rank and University of Tromsø The Arctic University of Norway stands  367th among the universities of  Oslo

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Conference Date September 17-18, 2018
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